#RDJC Registered Dietitians Journal Club

Welcome to #RDJC, the place you can join us Annette Henry RD (@AnnettehenryRD), Claire Pettitt RD (@Claire_Pettitt), and Martin Lau RD (@ImpactSports3) and your virtual colleagues in reviewing and critically appraising the latest nutrition research.


Our aim is to provide a platform where dieticians and nutritionists with an interest in research can connect and debate the ins and outs, pros and cons and scientific & clinical value of recent journal articles.


Join us every third Wednesday of the month between 8-9pm on twitter using #RDJC to give us your thoughts on a chosen research article which will be decided a couple of weeks in advance. We will also chose some key critical appraisal questions to structure the discussion. After the discussion is done, we will upload it to the web so you can go over anything you missed.


All you need to do is check here to find the reference of the paper for discussion and the questions we will consider and then on the night use #RDJC in all your tweets regarding the RD Journal Club.


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