Welcome to my blog page! As you can see it is in it’s infancy but here’s a little taster of what’s to come – a piece  I wrote for the Freelance Dietitians Blog Page:

DIETITIANS IN RESEARCH: Seeking the Science to Satisfy the X Factor

As a Freelance and Research Dietitian I am always eager to not only give sound nutrition advice but to back it up with science. Nutrition is the people’s topic; wherever you go you will hear people giving their ‘expert opinion’ on what has caused the obesity epidemic or why their aunt can’t tolerate wheat or dairy. We need food and drink to survive and given we are all in control of what we eat and drink and make our own food choices every day, we can’t be blamed for feeling like an expert when it comes to nutrition.

But what makes those food choices right? As Dietitians we learn why and how food and drink affects our bodies and our health, and we use this knowledge to try to help others to become healthier through changing their diet and lifestyle.


After a few years practicing in the NHS, I decided to not only find the science behind the nutrition facts but to try to make my own contribution as well. I am now carrying out human research trials looking at appetite regulation and obesity management. We are trying to find the effects of specific types of foods or diets on how hungry we feel, how much weight we gain or lose, and how our body composition changes because of those foods/diets. I am specifically interested in fish oils and high protein diets.

By delving deeper into the science, finding the reasons why certain foods harm or help us, I can enrich my knowledge and better advise my clients who come to see me in clinic.

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